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We need to plan the summer vacation in winter. Dreaming of warm beaches, cooling sea and shining sun in the cold days of winter give energy, and early planning of summer vacation and searching for early reservation options allow for a more affordable vacation. If your prefer the salty and cool waters of Mediterranean Sea and choose Antalya, the pearl of Mediterranean Region, as your vacation destination, then you will have a wide range of vacation and accommodation options. Antalya will allow you to enjoy your vacation in a comfortable and peaceful ambiance with numerous hotel alternatives for both summer and winter vacations. With its unique flora and delicious local dishes, Antalya is an ideal vacation destination, where the sun shines in 3/4 of the year and green nature embraces rich-blue sea. If you choose Antalya as your vacation destination, you need to make your plans before the summer comes. Are you going to accommodate in the city center or in the districts of the city? What kind of a hotel do you prefer? Do you prefer accommodating in bungalow huts, tents or tree houses at a location where green and blue embrace each other such as Olympos, Cirali or Adrasan or do you prefer the comfort offered by 5-star hotels which apply all-inclusive system? The answer to where to accommodate during your vacation in Antalya actually depends on your preferences. The hotels in Antalya offer everything you expect from a modern hotel equipped with the latest technology.

If you are planning to accommodate in the city center, the vast coasts of Konyaalti and Lara beaches, rich food and beverage menus of the beach cafes and restaurants, and the lively ambiance will attract you. You can also prefer one of the hotels located in Konyaalti and Lara. If you prefer a more authentic, calm, historical and natural spot, then you can book reservation for one of the boutique hotels in Kaleici district.

Also the hotel chains located in the city center and the brand hotels of Antalya will offer you a comfortable accommodation. Established with the tradition of being a family company and serving not only in the city center, but also in the districts of Antalya, Barut Hotels is a brand hotel, which improves itself in terms of cuisine, service concept and service quality every year, and where every detail is considered and made available. It is also budget-friendly and offers extremely reasonable payment plans by early reservation.

For those who want to enjoy the clean bays, the sea shining brightly, and a peaceful vacation in the rich geographical area and generous nature of Antalya, Antalya worth the title "paradise" with its cultural richness and natural beauties. If you are planning to prefer this city as your vacation destination, we wish you a pleasant vacation.  

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