Calming Herbal Teas Relieving Intense Stress

Scattered in every corner of nature; plants delivering happiness and healing with their appearance, smell and aroma are not only good for the body but also for the soul with the vitamins and minerals they contain. Plants that support medical methods in the treatment of many diseases stand out with their calming and soothing properties, as well. 




The number of the individuals, who prefer herbal teas to cope with stress and anxiety, one of the major issued in this age, to have a comfortable and deep sleep and to cool down and relax at the end of a busy day, is not low at all.  You, too, can attain a dynamic, fresh, energetic and peaceful mood with herbal teas. 





Meanwhile, for the purpose of indulging your body and soul, you can get inspired from our article, titled Keep Fit During Summer with the Dietary Suggestions. Here are the answers to the questions of which plants can soothe our souls in this healing pharmacy offered to us by the nature, and which teas have a calming effect...




Chamomile Tea

When it comes to tea with a calming effect, the first plant that comes to mind is chamomile. Obtained upon brewing chamomile, chamomile tea is a tea known for its calming feature and consumed since the ancient times. Chamomile tea, which also helps to eliminate sleep problems, gives calmness by removing stress. You can drink chamomile tea, which has a very strong sedative scent, when you want to calm your mind.



Lemon Balm (Melissa) Tea

When you are depressed, lemon balm tea will be one of the herbal teas that will cheer you up and make you peaceful. Lemon balm tea has an effect that not only supports the reduction of negative moods such as nervousness and stress, but also reduces the confusion in the mind. In cases such as sleep problems, tension, anxiety, you can get a calm and peaceful mood by consuming 1-2 cups of lemon balm tea. Lemon balm tea is also preferred to relieve gas pains suffered by infants.


Rosemary Tea

You can also benefit from the soothing power of the rosemary during the days when you are experiencing intense stress and tension. Rosemary tea has an effect that not only relieves headache problems but also relieves physical fatigue. In the evenings, you can relieve the tiredness that the day leaves in your body and soul with the rosemary tea. Rosemary tea helps reduction of the effects of depression when consumed on a regular basis. 



Sage Tea

Being one of the teas that will be good for you when you feel tired, exhausted, burnout, stressed and anxious, sage tea can be used not only as tea but also as incense. You can also get rid of your nervous mood by inhaling the fine smoke from the burned sage leaves.




Tipton Weed Tea

Tipton weed tea, which is an effective alternative for those with tension and stress-related headache problems, is also good for problems such as insomnia. You can enjoy tipton weed tea, which serves for relaxing the mind and helping to relaxation, at any time of the day.




Valerian Root Tea

When you are unsettled and your mind becomes more confused with thoughts, you can prefer valerian root tea to get away from all such negative mood. Thanks to the valerian root tea, which also has a sleep-inducing effect, you can cope with stress more easily. 




Tarragon Tea

You can also get help from tarragon tea when you want to boost up your energy, get away from nervous and stressful mood, and feel calmer and more pleasant. Thanks to a cup of tarragon tea, you will brew and drink especially in the evenings; you can get a calm and peaceful mood. 




Mint Tea

Everyone knows the refreshing and lightening effect of mint. Peppermint, which is used in various food and beverages, candies and gums, and even in toothpaste, gives an instant feeling of freshness and relaxation thanks to its active ingredient.  You can consume mint as a tea as well, due to its muscle and nerve-soothing features. You can consume mint not only hot, but also as a refreshing tea during the hot summer days. 



Angelica Tea

Standing out as a mood-balancing and soothing alternative for those who experience sharp emotional fluctuations during the day, angelica tea is also known for curing the effects of depression. You can feel better with angelica tea, which is good for psychological tension and gives calmness by eliminating tantrums.   


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