Bruges, A Fairytale-Like Medieval city

Bruges, one of the best preserved Western European cities since it has remained almost intact since the 2nd World War, can be regarded as an extremely popular tourist attraction. Bruges is one of the important and rare cities that have survived until today with its medieval architecture, water canals, narrow cobbled streets, special chocolates and beer varieties.



With an area of 138 km², Bruges is a Belgian city standing out with its historical structures and must be visited by the tourists who are interested in architecture. In Bruges, which is referred to as a port city, you can capture the most beautiful views in Belgium with the combination of water canals and city streets and take touristic water canal tours. These tours by boats take about 20-25 minutes.



In addition to its clean water canals, this city is highly famous for its flower markets and welcomes the most tourists in Belgium. You can also enjoy various delicacies in Bruges, which is also known as "Fairytale-Like Medieval City", "City of Canals" and "Venice of the North". Wine and beer, boiled mussels and French Fries are among the famous delicacies.




List of Must-Visit Places in Bruges

The historical city center of Bruges, the capital, most popular touristic attraction and largest city of Flemish Region of Belgium, is a World Heritage Site of UNESCO and is under protection.




Burg Square

Burg Square, the largest main square in the city, stands out with its historical monuments. You can have great time and spice up your trip with the restaurants, museums and shows in this square. This square can be referred to as the administrative center of the city.




Belfry of Bruges (Belfort)

Belfry of Bruges, which is also known as Belfort, is one of the biggest symbols of the city. This building, the construction of which was completed in 1240, is told to house municipal archives but was devastated by fires.




Markt Square

Another big square, Mark's Square, is the heart of economic and social life in Bruges. You can watch the beautiful houses lined up one after the other and numerous city sculptures and taste the special local delicacies of the city at different restaurants.




Old St John's Hospital

Bruges is a city that has well preserved its historical heritage. Saint John Hospital was built in the 12th century and has served as a hospital until the end of the 20th century. One of the premises of this hospital is currently open to visitors as the Memling Museum.





This lake, also known as the Lake of Love, is a natural park in Bruges. It is one of the places where you can lay down in the grass, make romantic memories and enjoy the cityscape of Bruges.





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