Best Trekking Routes for Spring

There are multiple ways to relief tiredness and relax our souls. Some like swimming in the blue water or skiing on white snow on the summit, while others like diving and water sports. Trekking, one of the favorite sports of those who love nature and like walking, is an activity that is incredibly relaxing for the fanciers.




You can enjoy communing with nature, trekking and spiritual purification by preferring one of the trekking routes with different difficulty levels in Turkey. Referring to difficult walks in nature, “Trekking” differs from “Hiking”, which means daily trips in nature, in this sense. Trekking can be done in any season, but it is mostly preferred in spring, when nature starts to bloom.  Here are some of the routes for trekking in Turkey in spring…



Kackar Mountains

Being famous for its lush nature, the trekking trail on Kackar Mountains stands out as one of the most famous trails in the Black Sea Region. Located at an altitude of approximately 4 thousand meters, this trail starts from Camlihesin, Rize. The trekking trail on Kackar Mountains, where you can trek while enjoying watching colorful flowers, vast plateaus, waterfalls, glacial lakes and nature with unique beauty, starts from Camlihesin and ends at Ardesen. There are places to taste local dishes along this mildly difficult trekking trail.


Kocaeli Trekking Trails

Welcoming many amateur and professional athletes, Kocaeli trekking trails also attract attention for being close to Istanbul. Trekking in Serindere Canyon appeals to both amateur and professional athletes. There are also some trails with different levels of difficulty, suitable for those who know how to rock climb and have the necessary equipment.   



Purenli Plateau - Duzce

Purenli Plateau is located at an altitude of 1400 meters in Gokyaka, Duzce. There is also a small pond and waterfall on Purenli Plateau, one of the trekking routes ideal for both daily and multi-day trips.           




Aladaglar – Nigde

Designated as a National Park in 1955, Aladaglar welcomes nature lovers as a trekking route in Nigde. Standing out with its advanced level of difficulty, Aladaglar Trekking Trail promises a difficult but enjoyable trekking experience.   




Ihlara Valley - Cappadocia

Cappadocia, a popular destination with fairy-tale beauty and a well-deserved reputation, is very famous not only in our country but also in the world, for its deep-rooted history and unique geography. The trail starts from Ihlara Village in Cappadocia and ends at Selime. Ihlara Valley fascinates the visitors with its lush nature. Trekking in the valley, which can be reached by long stairs, will leave such a deep impression that you will make memories to cherish for a lifetime. Moreover, you can double the pleasure of the trekking adventure with the delicious delicacies that you will taste in the village located here.


Lycian Way - Mugla / Antalya

Hitting the top among the world-famous hiking trails, the Lycian Way is also among the longest hiking routes in the world. The 509-kilometer-long Lycian Way passes through 18 Lycian towns and stretches from Fethiye to Antalya. The 110 km long trail between Kas and Cirali is the most popular part of the Lycian Way, which is a highly preferred option.  



Mysia Ways / Bursa

Mysia Ways, a project of the Municipality of Nilufer, Bursa, stand out with 27 hiking trails, 18 cycling trails and 5 horse riding trails. Best of all, the beautiful smell of fruits will accompany you on the Mysia Ways, which include trails ranging from 4 to 30 kilometers. Trekking among the sweet-smelling fruit gardens and pine forests gets you to Dagyenice Village. This route, which also includes a pond, offers an extremely enjoyable trekking experience. You will lose track of time on Mysia Ways, one of the routes that come to mind when it comes to natural beauty.  


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