Best Must-Watch Movies on Netflix

Netflix has a rich library of feature films, documentaries, TV shows, animation movies, award-winning Netflix original movies and more.

We've listed some of the best must-watch Netflix movies in recent years.




This Is Not A Comedy

A listless comedian comes at a crossroads after finding himself at a dead-end in his stand-up career.  One road leads him to the pursuit of romantic interest with dreams of intergalactic travel. On the other hand, his life-long friend asks him to become her sperm donor and join her journey of parenthood. Directed by Rodrigo Guardiola and Gabriel Nuncio, This Is Not A Comedy follows the life of the actor Gabriel Nuncio (named after the actor/director himself) struggling in Mexico City. 


Munich:  The Edge of War

Based on the political novel with the same name by Robert Harris, Munich: The Edge of War follows a young British politician assigned to get a confidential document from his former Oxford classmate, who is now a German diplomat.  This young man has to cross the enemy lines to go to Germany before the Munich agreement is signed, as the fate of Europe and the world lies with him. Despite the fact that Legat and Von Hartmann are fictional characters, they are based on reality to a great extent with the creations of Robert Harris, the speculative historical novelist. 


The Guilty

The movie sets in a 911 call center before noon. The call operator Joe Baylor (Jake Gyllenhaal) strives to rescue a caller, who is in serious danger, but soon realizes that nothing is as it seems and that the only way out is to face the truth. The Guilty is a 2021 version of the Den Skyldige, a Danish crime thriller. It tells about a demoted officer working the night shift at a 911 call center and awaiting a court decision.



A young woman wakes up and finds out that her drunk photos, which were taken the night before, circulate online. Even though she doesn't remember what happened that night, she must piece together the truth and clear her name since her scholarship and reputation are in danger. In addition to its compelling sociopolitical context, this Indonesian crime and mystery film ratchets up the tension. The screenwriter and director of the film, which received the Citra Award in Indonesia last year for addressing this challenging theme, is Wregas Bhanuteja.


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