Best Must-Watch Animated Movies

We can list animated movies among the most popular genres attracting the most audience for their dynamic and impressive storylines, colorful and thrilling scenes, and scenarios appealing to the imagination. Whether you watch it alone or enjoy the family movie time, you do not understand how the time flies with the engrossing animated movies.

It is also true that animated movies made for children also attract adults strongly. If you are looking for a nice and engrossing animated movie, then take a look at the list we suggest. Here are the best animated movies… Enjoy watching in advance.     

Spirited Away

Directed by Hayao Miyazaki, Spirited Away is a highly engrossing movie that won an Oscar. The movie, which is about a young girl who finds herself in a completely different world during her journey, stands out with its fantastic elements. You can include this movie, one the most beautiful animated movies, in your list for its extremely thrilling and fluid dynamics.



Merjane is an extremely intelligent and stout-hearted girl living with her family in Tehran. Listening to ABBA, Iron Maiden and punk music, the girl is knocked sideways when her uncle commits a suicide one day. In the heat of the Iran-Iraq War, her life under the bombs is going to provide her with a different perspective.



Look up

Loss of his beloved wife plunges Carl into deep loneliness. One day he decides to move his house and ties thousands of balloons to his house to do this. He wants to fly to different parts of the world. He is going to be accompanied by someone unexpected. The movie Up, one of the most searched movies under the category of animated movies, starts extremely melancholic but the rest of the movie promises a fun and engrossing experience.



The Nightmare Before Christmas

It is a stop motion animated movie where you can feel a musical touch. Written by Tim Burton, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a gothic animation telling about how Jack Skellington from Halloween Town undermines the beauty of Christmas.





Telling about future events, Wall-E sets in a world covered in garbage. Leaving the earth to escape from global pollution, people set in their ways of living on other planets. When evacuating, they leave behind a robot called Wall-E. Wall-E meets the love of his life while cleaning up the garbage. It can be an engrossing option for animation enthusiasts.




The movie is about a Chinese woman masquerading as a man to take her ailing father's place to fight on behalf of the Imperial army . The woman, i.e. the heroine of the movie, becomes the bravest of all people in China during this course of time.




Toy Story

Toy Story, one of the most popular animated movies for children, is also one of the animated features that adults love to watch. The movie tells about the adventures of the toys in the room of the young hero of the movie, and is one of the extremely engrossing animation movies for children. These toys, which sometimes get along with each other and sometimes don't, propel the audience from one adventure to another.


Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle is based on a children's book and follows the adventures of Sofi. Sophie is turned into an elderly woman after being cursed by an evil-minded witch. She also tries to break the curse on her. The movie tells about what Sofi goes through when she sets out for this purpose and comes across with a moving castle.




The hero of this movie is also a young boy and he goes through various adventures. Coco is based on the Mexican Day of the Dead, and young Miguel, the hero of the movie, finds the guitar of a famous dead musician but once he strums it, he is teleported to the land of the dead.



Ice Age

Ice Age, one of the most popular animated movies, is about a mammoth, tiger and sloth, which try to protect the baby they find by chance and reunite it with its family.  The squirrel and hazelnut are available in five of the Ice Age series.

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