Best Applications for Healthy Recipes

A healthy and high-quality life starts with proper and balanced diet. It is a well-known fact that overweight invites a lot of health issues. So, a healthy diet must become a lifestyle. There are several easily applicable and effective options for those who want to achieve the ideal weight and maintain the body size with healthy recipes. If you want to develop a proper and regular eating habit, then you can take advantage of mobile applications designed for this purpose. You can find free diet applications that everyone can use in this article.  Here are the best diet applications for 2022…




DiyetKolik, one of the most frequently used applications by those who want to lose weight, can be downloaded onto phones and devices with Ios and Android operating systems. This application allows you to track your daily calorie intake and exercise. With informative articles supporting your diet, DietKolik App serves in Turkish.




FatSecret Calorie Counter

FatSecret Calorie Counter is another diet control application, where you can find information about how many calories the food you eat contains when you take and upload a photo of it. You can download this application, which also serves in Turkish, onto your phone from App Store and Google Play Store for free.




YAZIO Fasting & Food Tracker

You can try healthy recipes with YAZIO Fasting & Food Tracker, which provides you a detailed chart by calculating the nutritional values of the foods you eat. Calculating the caloric values of all the foods you consume during the day, YAZIO Fasting & Food Tracker allows you to have a healthy and fit body within a short time.





The application HabitMinder, which is available on Play Store and App Store for free, provides information not only about nutrition, but also about fluid consumption, walking, exercising, etc., which support weight loss and healthy life.






This application, which you can download onto your phone or tablet for free like other apps, is one of the most frequently used calorie counters. Offering personal diet plans, MyFitnessPal suggests a diet plan specifically for you when you enter your age, height, current weight and the weight you want to be.    





Keeping a diary for you during your weight loss process, Diet 365 tracks calories for you. Tracking the caloric values of all the foods you consume during the day, this application also supports your diet by giving nutritional tips.






It prepares menus with different alternatives and supports you during your diet process. Offering various diet options such as detox diet, protein diet, Mediterranean diet, etc., the application Diyetteyim helps you lose weight much more easily by providing you a disciplined approach.




Aralikli Oruc Takibi (Intermittent Fasting Tracker)

Aralikli Oruc Takibi (Intermittent Fasting Tracker), an extremely popular application that brings solution, has become a lifestyle rather than a diet. This application will help you develop a brand new eating habit. So, you will maintain your ideal weight for life. The application, which can be downloaded onto iOS devices, serves in Turkish.




Bana Ozel Diyet

Serving for both losing and maintaining weight, the application Bana Ozel Diyet offers 7 different food exchange lists.

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