Beaches and Bays in Side: Where to Take a Swim in Side

Side is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Türkiye. Welcoming a great number of local and foreign tourists every season of the year, Side reaches the highest occupancy rate in the summer season. Outstanding not only with its natural beauties but also with its historical and cultural beauties, Side attracts visitors with its crystal-clear, shallow sea and beautiful beaches.




When it comes to beaches in Side, calm, shallow and spotlessly-clean beaches come to mind. The list of bays and beaches in Side can serve as a guide for those who are planning to take a vacation in Side. You can include the beautiful beaches and bays to take a swim in Side, which is famous for its crystal-clear, calm-as-millpond and shallow sea, on your list. You can also take a look at our blog article The Most Famous Marinas of Aegean and Mediterranean that may be interesting for sea and travel lovers. 


Titreyen Lake Beach 

Covering an area of three thousand square meters, Titreyen (meaning "vibrating" "in English) Lake Beach holds a Blue Flag. Associated with Side since it is located in close proximity to Side, Titreyen Lake is located right behind Manavgat Beach. This tourist destination, which is as interesting as its name, is home to a rich variety of endemic plant and bird species.



Located in Sorgun, Antalya, Titreyen Lake is a branch of Manavgat Stream. Resembling a lake since it spreads over a wide area before flowing into the sea, it is called "Titreyen Lake", which means "Vibrating Lake", because of the vibration that occurs in the water in windy weather. You can get to this quiet and calm area by self-driving, minibus or taxi. You can accommodate in one of the facilities located around Titreyen Lake Beach, and enjoy taking a swim and nature walk. 



Colakli Beach   

Located in Colakli Neighborhood, Side, Colakli Beach is the ideal beach in Side for those who are looking for quiet and calm places. Holding a Blue Flag, it stands out with its 80-meter-long coastline. At Colakli Beach, you can enjoy taking a swim in calm-as-millpond, shallow sea and taste different delicacies at the cafes and restaurants around the beach.   



Kumkoy Beach

Located 4 kilometers away from the center of Side, Kumkoy Beach stands out with its shallow sea. Preferred for its spotlessly-clean beach, Kumkoy Beach is ideal for non-swimmers and families with children since it has shallow water. Thanks to its crystal-clear, calm-as-millpond and shallow sea, Kumkoy Beach is one of the most preferred beaches in Side. In addition, dining places, changing cabins, showers and toilets are available around the beach. 


Seaside Beach Lounge

Seaside Beach Lounge, one of the most popular beaches in Side, is located within walking distance from the center of Side. Seaside Beach Lounge, an ideal alternative for those who want to enjoy sea, thanks to its beach with sand and pebble mix, restaurants and bars and crystal-clear sea, promises moments of pleasure. This beach, where roughness of the sea varies depending on weather conditions, also offers amenities such as changing cabins, showers and toilets.  


Side Beach Club

Side Beach Club is open every day of the week from 09.00 to 19.00. You can get to Side Beach Club on foot or by self-driving or a taxi. It stands out with its crystal-clear sea, and features restaurants, cafes and food booths. Offering amenities such as changing cabins, showers and toilets, Side Beach Club also stands out with its restaurant where you can taste delicacies from world cuisine. 



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