Barut B’log Turns 3!

Running within the organization of Barut Hotels and offering its readers a wide range of content about life, written in an entertaining format, Barut B'log has turned 3. 

Including art, culture, helpful information, practical tips, personal journeys, book and movie suggestions, tasty recipes and more to serve as a guide in life, to broaden horizons and to inspire people to see life from a different perspective, Barut B'log can also be referred to as a life journal. With all the articles we have written in an easy-to-understand and engaging manner, we aim to raise awareness through different ideas, while sharing practical information about daily life. 

We tried to touch your lives with all we have told about life

With 8 contents posted regularly every month, we have written almost 300 articles in 3 years. We tried to address the answers to “how to make life more practical, how to live life wiser and more comfortable, and most importantly, how to enjoy life?”. 

Just like we do for our friends, we tried to whisper into your ears simple but special tips, such as must-taste foods in a city you are going to visit, things you must pack when traveling, suggestions on romantic movies to watch under a blanket on a snowy winter day or books that you will not regret having in your library. 

We tried to be your companion in your journey of life with the content we updated every week, including suggestions to give you idea about special days of the year, tips on a healthy diet, the best coffee recipes, and dynamics to remind you that there is still light and life still continues whenever you feel exhausted or whenever you are at the parting of the ways. We wanted to show our readers how valuable it is to be able to walk or run in the flow of life, even if we sometimes slow down, to enjoy life, to develop, to grow, to be inspired by simple details and to appreciate the value of life to the fullest even only when tasting a new food.

Rich Content of Barut B'log Is Fully-Packed

We tried to share with you a wide range of delicacies from local and world cuisine, unforgettable movie suggestions, activities that are good for the soul, and people who blazed a trail with their inventions, words or existence; in other words, everything that enriches life and makes it meaningful, fun and full.

With cloth combination suggestions or what gift to buy for your loved ones on special occasions, vacation destinations ideal for each of the seasons or for a weekend getaway, lives of the fathers of technological products that make our life easier, stories of paintings that make spaces look more beautiful and lives of their painters, original, delicious recipes to create wonders in your kitchen, and more, we wish that we were able to make even a small contribution to your life by giving ideas. We have delivered each of our unique and engaging content in an easy-to-understand, simple format, and adopted the motto that life is more beautiful when shared. We wanted you to get practical and helpful information and go on a pleasant journey while browsing Barut B'log pages. We would be glad if we could give you the life energy while touching every color of life, from science to art, cinema to literature, travel to travel suggestions, gastronomy to animal world, with 8 new articles posted every month. 

We are determined to continue posting Barut B'log articles, by adding our love, as we know that knowledge grows when shared and that it feels so satisfying to inspire others. We wish wholeheartedly to continue offering a platform with rich content, where you can relax, learn, refresh your knowledge and enjoy while reading, and we want to walk through life together.

With best regards.

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  • 15-03-2023

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