Artvin Travel Guide: Must-Visit Places In Artvin

Artvin, a city located in the east of the Black Sea Region, fascinates the visitors with its nature and cultural and historical richness. Standing out with its truly unique landscapes and natural beauties despite its rough and rugged topography, Artvin is one of the most important nature tourist attractions with its high mountains and crater lakes.




Artvin attracts visitors not only with its trekking tracks or nature sports such as rafting and canoeing but also with numerous historical monuments such as monasteries, churches, mosques and bridges belonging to the civilizations that existed in this region in the past. The symbol of Artvin, which offers fantastic landscapes with the most beautiful shade of green and vast plateaus, is the bull.




The best time to visit for winter sports is between November and March, while the best time for activities such as camping and trekking is between May and August. You can attend various festivals and camp surrounded by natural beauties in Artvin, which you can easily access by land or air.





Must-See Places in Artvin

Hopa Cultural Center and Museum

Having served as a historical mansion until the 20th century, Hopa Cultural Center and Museum has undergone restoration and turned into a museum by the Municipality of Hopa. Consisting of 3 floors, this museum is home to thousands of historical artifacts. Reflecting the life culture of the ancient civilizations that existed, these artifacts make you enjoy a highly rich exhibition, particularly in terms of providing information on the history of the region.


Artvin Glass Terrace

The glass terrace, one of the must-visit places for every visitor of Artvin, is located in the Hatila Valley National Park and can be accessed on foot. With a fantastic view overlooking Hatila Stream, the glass terrace is located at an altitude of 490 meters. The restaurant located here is an important stop for meeting the needs.



Borcka Karagol Nature Park

Located in Borcka that is 55 km away from Artvin, this park is one of the must-visit places with its fantastic view. Being home to thousands of plant and animal species, Borcka Karagol Nature Park is one of the popular locations for travellers with its clean lake and camping areas.




Kafkasor Plateau

Kafkasor Plateau, one of the plateaus frequented by those residing in Artvin, is also home to various festivals in June every year. You can enjoy the fantastic nature and view in this plateau, which is accessible by self-drive.





Suatan Waterfall

Located in Asagi Koyunlu Village affiliated to Savsat District in Artvin, Suatan Waterfall is one of the frequent destinations of tourists with its historical and natural beauty. Populated by the clergymen in the medieval period, this region is also called "Tamara Rooms".




Cehennem Deresi Canyon

Cehennem Deresi Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world, is famous for its steep paths. Its height of more than 200 meters and its fantastic view are one of the things making this canyon visit-worthy. The untouched natural life reminds tourists that a guide is needed to discover this region.




Coruh River

Coruh River, the largest river in Artvin, is located in the easternmost part of the Black Sea Region. It flows through Batumi in Georgia and then into the Black Sea. We have to note that Coruh River welcomes those who want to enjoy sports such as rafting, canoeing and river skiing from all over the world.

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