Antalya Shopping Guide: What And Where To Buy?

If you are in Antalya for a sea-vacation or business purposes, then you will need to know the shopping spots on Antalya map. You will not want to leave Antalya, offering rich shopping options beside its nature, special dishes and unique culture, without shopping. Antalya promises to offer you pleasant moments by bazaars, where organic and local products and items are sold, as well as fully-equipped and luxurious shopping malls. There is a wide of range of precious stores, especially in the streets of Kaleici. Let's start to take a look at Antalya shopping guide.


You can shop at the stores selling authentic items, souvenirs, antiques, hand-woven carpets and rugs, silver and imitation jewelry, ready-to-wear products, while walking around the maze-like, narrow streets with old houses. You can also shop at the stores in Gulluk, Cumhuriyet Avenue, Ataturk Avenue and Isiklar Avenue.

Antalya Bazaar

For a more traditional and local shopping experience, you may prefer the bazaars in the city. Handmade items, local food products, clothes, ornaments, jewelry shops, tailors, leather shops and shoe repairers in this old bazaar will also address your needs.

Antalya Turban Marina

You can prefer Antalya Turban Marina for products of local and foreign brands or for diving equipment stores and to spend time in coffee-shops, bars and restaurants.

Shopping Malls

One of the most important and popular shopping spots of the modern age, shopping malls will also address your needs. You can also shop at these shopping malls, which host the most famous domestic and foreign brands. Mall of Antalya, Migros AVM, MarkAntalya, Erasta AVM, İkea Antalya are the first shopping malls that come to mind. You can also prefer the hotels in Antalya for leather and jewelry shopping. The districts of Antalya also offer local shopping experiences.

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