An Unforgettable Honeymoon Experience Thanks to the Privileges Offered by Barut Hotels

Honeymoon is a vacation taken by a newly married couple to rest and recharge energy after all the rush and preparations for months to enjoy a wedding ceremony planned down to the finest detail, and it is actually the time for couples to be alone. 





This romantic getaway is mostly scheduled for summer and can also be considered as a summer vacation. Although there are great romantic places for honeymoon vacations in autumn and winter, the couples usually prefer honeymoon vacations where they can enjoy sea and sun and their summer vacation of that year. 





Thanks to the relaxing sea water and golden sands and the sun rays, which restore mental and physical energy, all the tiredness and stress are easily wiped away from the body and mind even in a week after the wedding. The honeymoon taken after a summer wedding is important not only because it is where the couple relaxes and rests but also because it is the first vacation taken by the two as a newly married couple.




A Fairytale-Like Vacation Experience in the Rich-Blue Mediterranean

In our country, Mediterranean is the most preferred destination for honeymoon taken after summer weddings. Undoubtedly, the first vacation destination that comes to mind in the Mediterranean is Antalya. Antalya, one of the most beautiful vacation destinations of all times which was known as Pamphylia in the ancient times, is the most preferred honeymoon destination by the couples.



In addition to the historical, cultural and natural beauties of the city, Antalya is a tourism paradise with numerous fully-equipped hotels which make this city special and preferable. In Antalya, which holds a capacity to host a great number of local and foreign tourists throughout four seasons of the year, Barut Hotels takes justified pride of being one of the number one choice of the holidaymakers, thanks to its well-established reputation, friendly service approach and professional hotel management experience. 



With its blue flag beaches, comfortable architecture, and hotel management approach promising its guests the comfort of home and peace, Barut Hotels is one of the most preferred hotels by honeymoon couples. Offering concepts full of privileges for honeymoon couples to enjoy a relaxing, comfortable and unforgettable honeymoon particularly in its hotels located in Antalya and Side, Barut Hotels plans down to the finest detail in order to make the first vacation of newly married couples memorable. 



Barut Hotels Plans Down to The Finest Detail For You

Barut Hotels plans every detail beforehand and offers everything that couples would want and need from a honeymoon vacation. This concept allows couples to choose a more quite, relaxing and peaceful vacation program to relax or a program where they can enjoy more enjoyable and active time, whenever they wish. Offering fun activity alternatives for every hour of the day, Barut Hotels also promises the couples to recharge with fresh energy and make them become refreshed during their honeymoon vacation.     


With a fairytale-like honeymoon vacation accompanied by the fascinating view at the heart of natural beauties of Antalya and Side, you can take the first step of rejuvenating from top to toe, while enjoying starting a brand new life. Honeymoon concepts, which will make you feel special, are waiting for you at Lara Barut Collection in Kundu, Antalya and Arum Barut Collection, Acanthus Cennet Barut Collection, Barut Hemera, Barut B Suites, Barut Sunwing Side Beach and TUI Blue Barut Andiz hotels in Side.



The Best Destination for Honeymoon Couples: Barut Hotels

Offering much more than the privileges expected by honeymoon couples from a hotel, the honeymoon concept of Barut Hotels includes special drinks, free-of-charge luxury fruit basket and chocolate service, breakfast service to the room, flowers, decoration with the honeymoon theme, reservation priority in the A la Carte restaurants, gift photos, discounts on massage services, exclusive bathroom set-up and more. 



At Barut Hotels, which offers much more than what you dream of for a honeymoon vacation, you will feel privileged with the details thought through and designed for you, while enjoying the unique pleasure of taking a perfect and wonderful vacation with the special one you tie the knots with. The sweet memories to cherish for a lifetime after the vacation top it all...


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