Alanya Castle with Iconic Red Tower

Regarded as the symbol of Alanya, Alanya Castle has many traces dating back to different civilizations. Reflecting the history of Alanya, this castle has maintained its existence during the reign of the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations.

Known as the city of pirates during the ancient times and as the city of feudal lords during the Byzantine Period, Alanya Castle was proclaimed as the capital during the reign of Aladdin Keykubat. Named differently during different historical periods, it was named as Alanya by Ataturk in 1935.

There is a myth about Alanya Castle under which it is said that the prisoners were told that it they succeeded to throw a stone into the sea, they would be free, but nobody succeeded.

When you look around Alanya up from this castle with its walls running for 6.5 kilometers long and dating back to the 2nd century B.C., you can feel that the entire city and the Mediterranean Sea are under your feet. Although the castle is just near the sea, you cannot succeed to throw stones into the sea, as told under the above-mentioned myth.


You just need to walk from Alanya Castle to Kizilkule to see Alanya houses, which still maintain their natural textures, and Tophane, the historical district located in the inner part of the castle. You can also enjoy Turkish pancakes, facing towards the unique view.


Having a cistern in the middle of the tower, Kizilkule serves as a museum on its first floor. Built with red bricks as it would be difficult to lift the huge stone blocks, Kizilkule was named after the color of these bricks.

Damlatas Cave

With its stalactites and stalagmites thought to have formed in the 15,000th year, Damlatas Cave is known to cure asthma. This cave, one of the must-visit places in Alanya, was named as "Damlatas" as it drops for 4-5 months of a year.

Dim Cave

Dim Cave, full of unique and gorgeous stalactites, stalagmites and columns, was admitted to the International Show Caves Association (ISCA) in 2002. There is an observation terrace and a telescope on an open part of the cave where you can view some part of the Taurus Mountains, the Mediterranean Sea and Alanya.

Archeological Museum of Alanya

The Archeological Museum of Alanya hosts many historical works, dating back to the Archaic, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods, as well as the well-known Statue of Herakles. Dating back to the 2nd century A.C., this statue is displayed at an independent section. The peacocks wandering on the garden of the museum also draw the attention of visitors.




About Alanya Castle:

- The total surface area of Alanya Castle is more than 10 hectares.

- The castle is surrounded by its walls extending for 6,5 kilometers long.

- The castle is situated on a peninsula 250 meters above the sea level.

- The time of opening and closing is 08:30 and 19:30, respectively, during spring and summer. - The time of opening and closing is 08:30 and 17:30, respectively, during winter and autumn.

- You can take the cableway, built in 2017, to access the castle easily.

If you have decided to visit Alanya, regarded as the paradise of the tourism industry across Antalya, Alanya Castle is one of the must-visit historical and fascinating destinations. Alanya Castle, one of the most popular and touristic destinations of Alanya, invites all visitors who want to travel deep into the history.

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