About The Mother's Day and Its History

All living beings on this earth come from a mother. Every living being comes into the world from this source and becomes attached to it with unconditional love. Bringing us into the world and preparing us for life with an unconditional and endless love, our mothers deserve love and respect every single day of the year. However, the way we way express our love for them changes on the mother's day, the day of the year dedicated for them. Crowned with a bucket of flowers, a poem written for her, a small gift and words of love from the heart, this special day also witnesses emotional scenes. 

Whatever we do for our mothers, the only people loving us unconditionally in this world, will fall short. It is of course not possible to repay them; but saying "I love you so much mom" means so much for them even if we are far away on this special day. 

So, when did this special day begin to be celebrated? What is the story behind this day? 

The story of Mother's Day starts in USA. Anna Jarvis, an American who lost her mother, held a ceremony in the memory of her own mother and all the mothers, who passed away, on the first Sunday following the anniversary of her mother's death in 1908. The date of the ceremony fell on the second Sunday of May. Anna Jarvis took the initiative to make this day recognized as Mother's Day. This day was recognized as a special day in some states of the USA in 1911. In 1914, the U.S. President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday of May as Mother's Day and a national holiday. Many countries around the world started to celebrate this day as Mother's Day.

This day started to be celebrated as Mother's Day in our country in 1955 with the initiation of the Turkish Women's Union. Nene Hatun was honored as the mother of the year on the first Mother's Day celebrated.

We will have a much clearer understanding of the value and importance of our mothers in our lives on the Mother's Day, which will be celebrated with a bittersweet spirit this year due to Covid-19 pandemic. Many people, who cannot hug their mothers due to the health measures taken and distances, will express their love, longing and gratitude on phone.

Motherhood is of course not just biological by bringing a living being into the world. It is also an indisputable fact that every woman, who loves, raises, feeds and prepares for life a living being, is a mother, no matter if she gave birth to a child or not.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers who raise and help a person to become an individual or who give birth to a child and bring forth a new life from their own bodies, as well as those who want to become a mother, treat all children like their own, embrace all stray animals, and most of all, mothers who have lost their children...

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