About Nemrut, which is included in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List

Our country, surrounded with historical and natural beauties from one end to another, attracts attention of the whole world for this very reason. With rich geographical features, Turkey also hosted many civilizations for centuries. It is another source of pride that many of the natural beauties of our country are included in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. Mount Nemrut is one of these cultural heritages.




With an altitude of 2150 meters, Mount Nemrut is located in the district of Kahta in Adiyaman. It was declared as "World Heritage" by UNESCO in 1987, and taken under protection along with its national park. Many remains belonging to the Hellenistic Age were unearthed in the vicinity of Mount Nemrut, which is also known as the sacred place of Commagene Kingdom. Nemrut is mysterious, attractive and fascinating with the monumental tombs and tumuli, and carries many traces of Antiochos I.



The statues and tombs built by the Commagene King Antiochos I on the mountain slopes to show his gratitude to the gods add a special value to the region. These statues have a monumental characteristic, and each of them is around 8 to 10 meters high. Statues built with limestone blocks are one of the richest cultural heritages of Turkey with their magnificence and well-preserved state.




There is no settlement at the summit of Nemrut. Tumulus of Antiochos and sacred places are located there. This Tumulus, where the cremated ashes and bones of the king are found, is well preserved. All statues in Nemrut carry traces of Hellenistic, Persian and local art figures. In this context, Nemrut has a deep and rich characteristic blending east and west.




Characteristic of Mount Nemrut

The most important characteristic of Mount Nemrut is that it is a volcanic and natural monument with human touch. Nemrut was included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO in 1987. There is also the risk that Mount Nemrut may become active. Access to Nemrut, which is also known as the Mountain of the Gods because of impressive statues, is not completely possible. It is possible to see the traces of Persian and Greek culture in the statues made with pagan influence. It is still a mystery how these statues, which are up 10 meters high, were made in the primitive conditions of that period and how they were carried there.


How to Get to Nemrut

You need to go to Adiyaman first to get to Nemrut, which attracts many local and foreign tourists with its mysterious and fascinating ambiance. After getting to Adiyaman, you can rent a car or join the tours to the region and see with your own eyes and enjoy touring this mysterious geography.

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