A World Facing Mediterranean Sea: Arum Barut Collection

An accommodation spot standing out with its unique architectural design, crystal clear sea, Altinkum Beach and endemic nature specific to Side in the unique panorama of Mediterranean Sea, Arum Barut Collection promises its guests a pleasant and unforgettable vacation experience.

High-standard suites and luxury rooms, which meet all needs of both honeymoon couples and families with children, as well as the dishes from Turkish cuisine and international cuisines and everything required for a comfortable vacation are waiting for you at Arum Barut Collection.

You can spend pleasant moments at Altinkum Beach, which is on the coast of crystal clear and rich blue Mediterranean Sea and exclusive for the guests of Arum Barut Collection, while relaxing and preparing yourself for a new business year. Lying down on the sunbed, reading books, listening to music, dreaming while watching the rich blue sea, sunbathing under warm and smiling sun are one of the most pleasant moments of being on vacation. Walking on the fine sands of the wide and comfortable beach of Arum Barut Collection and watching the sea on comfortable sunbeds will make you feel like you are in a dream. If you want to be closer to the sea while sunbathing, you may also prefer the luxurious loggia-type sunbeds on the sea platform of the hotel. The sea platform, where you can sip your cold drink, chat with your loved ones and enjoy the sun and vast blue, will offer you a completely unique experience. Watching the red horizon line by the first lights of the morning or during the sunset, feeling the breeze of Mediterranean Sea on your skin and diving into cool water from the sea platform in the midday will also offer you a special experience.

We have reserved a sunbed on the sea platform for you for this summer…

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  • Yves Bogaert
  • Hope to see you all in October. Stay healty and Safe.

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  • 11-03-2020

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