A Wonder of Nature Near Goynuk: Goynuk Canyon

The Mediterranean Region has always been a popular location with its coastline, clean beaches, vast sea, cultural heritage and natural beauties. Goynuk Canyon is one of these locations. For those who wonder where Goynuk Canyon, a real wonder of nature, is, it is located in Kemer district of Antalya. With its fascinating nature, lush trees, showy waterfalls and natural pools, Goynuk Canyon is a destination that should be included in the travel plan for those who love nature sports. Located on Lycian Way, Goynuk Canyon is an attractive region surrounded by white rocks. You can enjoy touching the nature and swimming in Goynuk Canyon, which is located in Beydaglari Beach National Park.

About Goynuk Canyon

Since a substantial part of Lycian way passes through this canyon, it adds a further value to Goynuk Canyon. It is also ideal for camping. You can get to Goynuk Canyon by the tours organized and experience exciting activities such as trekking, paintball and zipline.

You can cool off in natural pools and ponds, and also see the waterfalls.

How To Get To Goynuk Canyon

From Antalya, pass Beldibi, turn right (do not take the turn to Goynuk) and continue towards Beydaglari. From Kemer, when you cross the bridge over the stream, you will get to the box offices of Goynuk Canyon. You can get to the town of Goynuk also by buses running between Antalya and Kemer. You can get off the bus at Goynuk, and then follow the signs for the canyon to get to the canyon in nearly 1 hour.

Located at a distance of 36 kilometers from Antalya and 13 kilometers from Kemer, Goynuk Canyon is operated by a private company, and you need to pay for entry. After entering through the box offices, you can walk to the pond.

What To Do In Goynuk Canyon

Watching the green and clear water of the pond is an experience in itself. If you like walking, then you are at the right place. There are several food and beverage spots to meet your needs. If you like adventure and adrenaline, then zipline activity is ideal for you. You can ride on the Zipline at an altitude of 40 meters and an average speed of 65 kilometers.

You can get to the natural pool located at the entrance of the canyon after passing the pond and walking along the stream. You can go body rafting by safari cars.  You can start by renting equipment such as life jacket, helmet and surf boat for rafting in the canyon. The artificial pond is also an ideal alternative for swimming. You can also swim in the cool and clear water of the natural pool. Barbecue is forbidden for safety reasons.

If you love this area and want to spend also the next day there, you can accommodate in the hotels of Goynuk. If you are one of those who pay attention to the finest details for a perfect vacation, comfortable hotels will help you in this regard.

Kemer Goynuk canyon is a region where you can relax surrounded with crickets and pine scents. It will make you feel good to cool off in the icy water of the pond in the summer, and take pleasant walks in the nature in autumn and winter. If you are already in Kemer, you must see this canyon of natural wonder. Hunting and safari tours may also be interesting. You must keep in mind that you need to walk for 2 kilometers to see the canyon with crystal clear ponds, and make sure to have water with you. Goynuk Canyon will be included in your vacation memories as a region where nature, green and ice water coexist.

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