A Special Spot in Aegean; Butterfly Valley

When it comes to vacation, entertainment, relaxation, sea and sun, the first route that comes to mind is Aegean. Numerous bays located in this region, adorned with the most striking colors of the sea and vegetation, keeps attracting the attention of local and foreign tourists throughout four seasons. Butterfly Valley is one of those geographical beauties. Located within the boundaries of Oludeniz in Fethiye district of Mugla province, the valley also stands out with its endemic species. Situated on the foothills of Babadag, the region was declared as a first degree natural conservation area in 1995. A rich-blue and sheltered bay that is surrounded by steep cliffs up to 350 meters, the Butterfly Valley has an impressive aesthetic that will not be erased from the memory when it's once seen through the bird's eye view.

Located where the steep cliffs meet with the sea, Butterfly Valley, which can be accessed by boat from Oludeniz is a paradise where you will feel isolated from the world. The waterfall falling from a height of 50 meters in the valley, which took its name from more than 80 species of butterflies, mixes into the sea through the stream in the middle of the valley. How to get to Butterfly Valley is one of the most frequently asked questions of those who want to visit this region. It is possible to access the valley by the boats from Oludeniz.


It is also possible to access Butterfly Valley through a path starting from the neighborhood of Faralya. However, since this route is rough and challenging, it is recommended to be accompanied by a guide.

If you have never been here before, you may think that there are colorful butterflies flying around due to the name of the valley, but it is not possible to see them at any time as it is expected. It is necessary to go towards the moist areas of the cliffs in the valley to see the butterflies, which the valley took its name from.


Butterfly Valley is one of the most beautiful sites to camp.

There is only one enterprise in the valley. Tents and bungalows offered by the enterprise for vacationers can be used. If you have your own tent, you can install it for a certain fee.

Showers and restrooms are available in the camping area of Butterfly Valley. If you are going to accommodate in the region, you can get a discounted service by booking in advance.



In addition to the question of how to get to Butterfly Valley in Fethiye, what to do in Butterfly Valley is also one of the most frequently asked questions. Swimming in crystal clear waters while watching the unique view of the valley is the best thing to do for sure.

You can enjoy the clean and calm-as-millpond sea especially in the morning before the tour boats arrives at the shore. 



You can have a pleasant time at Stone House, located on the right side of the stream, by cinema, yoga and similar workshops. You can beat the heat under two waterfalls that can be accessed by small climbs. You can get to Faralya Village by a 1.5-hour climb.

It may be a good idea to accommodate in the tents and bungalows in the region to breathe in the ambiance and be surrounded by the nature. The best times for Butterfly Valley are spring and autumn.


The environment is much more quite and calmer and the sea is much clearer in April, May, September, October and November. If you like winter camps, you can also prefer December, January, February and March. But, if you prefer lively and crowded environments, you can prefer June, July and August, the hottest and the most lively times of summer. Fethiye Butterfly Valley welcomes guests for 12 months of the year through its natural beauty and attractive nature. It can be a unique vacation experience to swim in the rich-blue and clear waters of this unique bay and salute the steep cliffs from the sea, and if you come across, watch the butterflies, which gave their name to the valley.

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