A Journey Packed with History: Discover the Ancient City of Petra!

The Ancient City of Petra is located 240 km south of Amman - the capital of Jordan-, and it is a historical site welcoming thousands of tourists every year. The Ancient City of Petra is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world and is frequented especially by history and travel lovers. If you like to embark on a journey through the mysterious corridors of history and consider discovering different places important, then the Ancient City of Petra can offer you a perfectly interesting and unique experience.  



Even though you can visit the Ancient City of Petra all year round, it is best to visit Petra in spring and autumn. The chilly weather in winter and the sweltering heat in summer may disturb your comfort during your trip. So, it is more comfortable to visit Petra during transition seasons.





The tourists visiting the city gather somewhere at the entrance. You can choose to accommodate in one of the hotels around this area. The city is extremely rich in gastronomy. You can taste street foods or local and international delicacies at the luxury restaurants nearby.





To visit and explore the Ancient City of Petra comfortably, it is better to wear comfortable and light clothes that provide freedom of movement, as well as comfortable shoes or special walking shoes to walk around without getting tired. Remember to take a hat to protect yourself from the sun. Although it is best to explore the city on foot, if you do not like walking, you can also rent horse-drawn carriages, horses, camels or donkeys.



Location of the Ancient City of Petra

The Ancient City of Petra, one of the most iconic cities in the Middle East, lies in the middle of the Jordan Valley in southwest Jordan. It is located approximately three hours south of the capital Amman. The ancient city of Petra is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Jordan and is a unique destination with a fascinatingly rich history and culture.



How to Get to Petra?

To get to the Ancient City of Petra, firstly, you need to take an international flight to Amman, the capital of Jordan. Queen Alia International Airport is the main entry point for those visiting Jordan.





There are two ways to get to the ancient city of Petra from Amman. The first one is to take a domestic flight from Amman to Aqaba and then take a ride from Aqaba to Petra. The second one is to get from Amman to Petra through direct domestic flights. You can get to Petra also by buses or minibuses from major cities in Jordan. Even though there are trains running in Jordan, there is not a direct train to Petra. There are tour companies that organize tours to Petra and offer accommodation, guidance and private transportation services. 



Story of the Ancient City of Petra

The story of the Ancient City of Petra dates back to thousands of years ago. You can enter this fantastic city through a number of narrow gorges, which were carved to protect the city from outside threats. Petra, which is well preserved, resembles an open-air museum with its carved rocks, Roman theatre, colonnaded streets, royal tombs, temples and other structures.



The city of Petra, which was the capital of the Nabataeans from 400 BC to 106 AD, almost came to an end because of the financial problems and earthquakes that occurred from time to time. However, Petra has managed to reborn from the ashes with its unique identity and to attract the historians and archaeologists with its architectural richness. 





The ancient city of Petra was re-discovered by the historian Johann Burckhardt after he found the historical tombs in the 1800s. Then, it was granted protection by UNESCO and was deemed worthy of being included in the list of "The New 7 Wonders of the World". The ancient city of Petra, which has been widely used as a film set, manages to exist as a symbol that strengthens the bond between the past and the future.




Must-Visit Places in Petra

As Petra is an ancient city packed with a rich history and archeology, it offers visitors so many fantastic places to visit. Here are the must-visit places in the Ancient City of Petra:

Al Khazneh: With its pretty and magnificent architecture, it attracts attention as the most important structure in Petra. 



Siq and Petra Khazneh: It is a narrow gorge with attractive carved rocks. 

Petra Street of Facades (Siq Walkway): The street with rock-carved Nabataean tombs shows the unique beauty of Petra. 

The High Place of Sacrifice:  This high place, where you can best see the ancient city, offers a beautifully unique view. 


Theatre: It is the first and only theatre that is carved into the rocks. 

Royal Tombs: The  incredibly well-maintained Urn, Silk Tomb, Corinthian and Palace Royal Tombs reflect the rich history of Petra.



Colonnaded Street and Great Temple: The walkway with carved colonnade is one of the central points in the Ancient City of Petra. 

Petra Church: With worth-seeing beautiful mosaics and ancient papyrus scrolls, this historical church is a must-visit place for history and art lovers. 



Petra Monastery: It is the second most-visited monument in Petra that fascinates the visitors with its magnificent architecture. 

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