A Great Spot for Trekking Lovers: Gelidonya

Trekking is the most suitable activity for those who love walking especially in nature. There are many regions suitable for trekking in our country. Gelidonya is one of them. For those who hear this name for the first time , it may seem like a place abroad, but Gelidonya is located in Antalya, the land of sea and sun. Gelidonya, just like a hidden paradise located between Adrasan and Kumluca, is one of the locations where green and blue suit each other the most.



We can define Gelidonya, a must-visit spot of Lycian tours, as the most mysterious, but also dangerous trekking region of Antalya. This can be proven by presence of numerous ships that sank by being dragged onto the rocks in Gelidonya in ancient times.

In fact, even those who have never been to Gelidonya will realize that they are familiar with this name when they hear Gelidonya Lighthouse. Gelidonya Lighthouse is the highest lighthouse in Turkey with an altitude of 227 meters.


You can see Gelidonya Lighthouse, also known as Taslikburnu Lighthouse, among the pine trees. You can visit Gelidonya at sunset and watch the reddening sky after swimming in the rich-blue and energizing water of Antalya during the daytime.

The lighthouse, which operated with kerosene before 2000, has been operating with solar energy since this date.




You can visit and spend time in Gelidonya, a well-known route for trekking lovers, not only in summer but also in winter. Taking an even more mysterious and attractive color with the sound of the sea and whistling of the storm, Gelidonya is a unique spot to purify and refresh the mind.





How to Get To Gelidonya Lighthouse

There are two ways to get to Gelidonya for trekking and breathing the magical atmosphere of the lighthouse. The first one is Adrasan-Gelidonya Lighthouse route located on the Lycian Trail. You have to walk the pathways for this. It is 12 kilometers long. The second way is the 7-kilometer-long Karaoz Neighborhood-Gelidonya Lighthouse route. You can cover more than half of this route by car and the rest on foot.


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