A Delicious Sauce: Tarator

Foods, salads, appetizers and fried foods are more delicious with sauces.  Categorized as a local dish that complements the food in an extremely delicious manner, the tarator sauce turns the dish into a feast with its appetizing flavor and texture. You can get the answer to the question what Tarator is, if you taste it.

This fantastic taste, which goes well not only with squid and mussels, but also with many foods, does not require too many ingredients. But, what you get in the end is a peak taste…

Giving the final touch and taste to mezzes and desserts specific to Antalya such as humus, hibes, piyaz, tarator and pumpkin dessert, Tahin also makes the sauces tastier.

 To make tarator, which is added in the dishes specific to Antalya, you need;

*1 drinking cup of crumbled stale bread

*1 drinking cup of grounded walnuts

*Half a tea glass of olive oil

*3-4 garlic cloves

*1 lemon

*1 dessert-spoon of salt 

Recipe of tarator sauce

*Take the crumbled stale bread, coarsely grounded walnuts, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and salt in a deep bowl.

*Mix all the ingredients in the bowl by mashing them by a fork.

*Add some water in the mixture until a think texture is obtained.

*Take the tarator sauce on a service plate to serve it beside any main dish desired.

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