A Cultural Experience with Zeugma Mosaic Museum

Located in Gaziantep, Zeugma Mosaic Museum is of great importance in terms of art and ancient history. Invaluable mosaics are exhibited in the Zeugma Mosaic Museum, which also holds the title of being the world's largest mosaic museum. Standing out with the largeness of the museum building, Zeugma Mosaic Museum attracts many foreign tourists to the region every year. Another important feature of Zeugma Mosaic Museum is that it is home to the artifacts unearthed from Zeugma Ancient City, one of the most important archaeological discoveries of our age. This is why this invaluable museum has to be better promoted to the tourists and the annual number of visitors has to be increased. 

The Gypsy Girl

The most popular artifact in the museum is the mosaic unearthed during the excavations in the Ancient City of Zeugma in 1998 and called "Gypsy Girl" due to the hair braids and prominent cheekbones. The reason why this mosaic called Gypsy Girl stands out this much is that Gypsy Girl, which has become the symbol of the museum and the city, draws a great deal of attention with her eyes which give the impression like she is watching you wherever you stand.

The Gypsy Girl is exhibited in a special room, and you need to pass through different ways to get to this section. It meets with the visitors in a dark room after passing through a dark labyrinth-like corridor. A special lighting system is used for the Gypsy Girl, which is exhibited separately from other mosaics. This method makes the famous mosaic to get a much more mysterious look and impresses the visitors.

The River God

Zeugma Mosaic Museum is home to artifacts dating back to the Roman period, which include sculptures, columns and fountains. We can say that the artifacts dating back to this period, when art reached its peak, are the key elements of Zeugma Mosaic Museum. Since the region where the museum is located is Mesopotamia, the center of civilization in the past, there are too many historical artifacts in the vicinity. Zeugma Mosaic Museum is one of the most important archaeological museums not only in our country but also in the world through these features.

Pool Mosaics

Some of the artifacts in the Zeugma Mosaic Museum consist of 500,000 pieces. Even the fact that Zeugma Mosaic Museum is home to such artifacts consisting of half a million pieces shows how important it is for global archeology tourism. These unique mosaics in the Zeugma Mosaic Museum reflect the life of that period. On the other hand, seeing that these artifacts, which require so much effort and care, were made centuries ago evokes admiration.


How To Get To Zeugma Mosaic Museum

Being one of the must-visit stops for those who want to visit Antep, Zeugma Mosaic Museum is located in the city center. You can get to the museum by only a half-an-hour journey from the airport. If you prefer to come from the central bus station, you can get to Zeugma Mosaic Museum within a short time by local minibuses and buses. The museum is located in Mithatpasa Neighborhood in the district of Sehitkamil.

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