A Brand-New Virtual Universe: Metaverse

The term Metaverse, which was coined for the first time in the science-fiction novel "Snow Crash" by Neal Stephenson in 1992, is frequently uttered as a magical and thrilling word that refers to the transformation in the near future. So, let's take a closer look at what Metaverse is, how it functions and what kind of a world it promises.   We can describe Metaverse, which provides the opportunity to act on a digital basis in a virtual universe with augmented reality, as a platform equipped with the ultimate technology, pushing the limits of imagination.



This can be the simplest answer to the question of what Metaverse is. This universe allows users to attend concerts and conferences, hold business meetings, apply teamwork and play games. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, defines Metaverse, which is also called virtual universe, as the next step in communication. As it is known, Zuckerberg changed the name of Facebook to Meta and introduced it.




This new virtual universe will allow users to gather in a world on the Internet.  Saying that this new virtual universe can be actively used in its current form, Mark Zuckerberg states that it will take 5 to 10 years for the the basic features of Metaverse to fully come to life. Combining virtual and physical reality skillfully, this alternative universe has actually long been the subject of science fiction novels, TV series, movies and games. However, it was all about entertainment and games. But now things have changed. 



With Zuckerberg's statement and initiative, and more importantly, initiation of data collection by Microsoft, this platform has started to position itself far beyond gaming and entertainment. One of the most asked questions is whether Metaverse will replace the Internet or not. Metaverse, an alternative gateway to the virtual world, is a sort of parallel universe in which all digital worlds are united - that is to say, it brings literally everything that can be done on Internet together on a single platform.  




The book Ready Player One, which was also adapted into a movie in 2018, described Metaverse successfully. As the book says, users can spend time in this virtual universe just like in the real world. According to the scientists, all technological equipment is available to create the Metaverse. However, acceleration is needed in artificial reality and augmented reality to carry this a step further.




Can We Do Everything in Metaverse?

The 3D avatars will enable users to travel, work, play games, watch concerts, shop with crypto money and do literally every daily activity that can be imagined. Except for some exceptions. For example, you need to surface in the physical world to eat.  Facebook also announced that it will hire 10,000 people to build the Metaverse.




The lockdown of almost the entire world during the pandemic was actually a trial for the Metaverse. A worldwide network must be set up and infrastructure must be designed for this phase to fully come to life. The current technology is not yet sufficiently equipped to handle it. However, initiatives have been taken and the foundations have been laid. This virtual universe is expected to enter our lives in the near future.




The most exciting side of Metaverse, which is described as the greatest invention after the Internet, is that it brings along new business segments… Detailed information on Metaverse, which will pave the way for the emergence of extremely interesting and trend professions such as virtual real-estate expert, cyber security specialist, risk management specialist, marketing manager and consultant, digital sales specialist and digital detective, are available on Mgenta pages.


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