7 Coffee-Shops to Drink Coffee in Antalya


1. Coffeetainer

Coffeetainer, a place where you can enjoy your coffee surrounded by nature, opened its first branch in Nashira Park. Standing out with the organic teas and donuts, this place is one of the must-visit 3rd generation coffee-shops with various brewing methods. Coffeetainer offers a unique experience for those who want to color their days and those who like to try new tastes.

2. Mackbear Coffee

Shown as a rival to the famous coffee brand, Starbucks, with its special and delicious coffee flavors, Mackbear Coffee has been recently introduced to the coffee lovers in Antalya. Standing out not just by delicious coffees, but also by its elegant decoration, it offers its guests pleasant moments.

3. 404 Coffee

Located at Sirinyali, 404 Coffee was founded by two travelers who put their heads together to make the best coffee. The decoration of the place, which has already been widely acclaimed by everyone although it was opened a short while ago, is very elegant. With its pleasant atmosphere and ambition on high-quality coffees, 444 Coffee is waiting for its guests.

4. Cozy Coffee House

Opened at Yalim Park, Cozy Coffee is a boutique coffee-shop for those who want to stay away from crowds. Having an elegant design with Antalya themed wall decoration and lightings made up of ropes, Cozy Coffee House offers you comfort by the armchairs that will make you feel at home. 

5. The Sudd Coffee

Opened as a small coffee-shop situated on old Lara Road, The Sudd Coffee has opened a new branch in Konyaalti in a short while by taking full marks from the residents of Lara. Successful in making delicious and high-quality coffees, the place offers its guests pleasant moments.

6. The Little Coffee

The Little Coffee, which includes a section for antique furniture and small house decoration products beside offering delicious coffees and unique tastes, serves as a cozy art café and a lifestyle store.

7. Starbucks Reserve

Unlike other Starbucks stores, the Starbucks Reserve, located at Terracity Shopping Center, brings the coffee lovers together with seasonal and rare coffee beans. ‘Clover’, which is a brewing method for a single cup that is offered only in Starbucks stores across the world, makes the coffee more delicious and shows that the taste of the coffee should be as good as its smell.




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