5 Reasons to Start Yoga

Allowing you to notice all kinds of favorable physical and mental changes in yourself, yoga was originated in India and has several meanings like "union" and "control". Yoga aims to make you discover your physical and mental limits and push these limits as much as possible. Aiming also to make you turn to yourself, yoga helps you gain breath control and energy awareness. We have listed 5 reasons to start yoga in our article below.



1.It Gives Flexibility, Balance and Strength

Those who yoga know that even the simplest moves may be difficult for you at first. If you continue, you will notice how your flexibility increases and your muscles strengthen even after a few sessions. You can also notice how you stand in balance and your spine becomes straight. In case of continuing yoga regularly, your posture on the mat will be stronger, and you will become and feel stronger.



2.It Gives Energy

The energy and blood flow freely as the distance between the vertebrae increases during yoga. This gives a refreshing effect on your body, and you feel lighter and happy after the yoga. Since the neurotransmitters become activated and endorphin is released during yoga, you do not feel tired after the session. If you wake up tired in the morning and are unable to immediately get the day going, you can try practicing yoga when you wake up.


3.It Makes You Stay in the Present Moment

You may get lost in your thoughts, feel stuck in the past or worried about the future in the hustle and bustle of daily life. However, you can use your body as a tool with yoga postures and have a connection with the moment you are in. You can focus only on the moves and your breath and put aside your thoughts on the past or the future and immerse yourself completely in that moment. This will have favorable impacts on your daily life in the upcoming period.


4.It Supports Health of Internal Organs

One of the important features of yoga is that it has positive effects on the internal organs and glands since it gives flexibility to the body. These moves ensure correct functioning of the cardiovascular, endocrine, respiratory, digestive, immune and nervous systems in those who yoga regularly. During yoga, the poses called "twist", in which the body is turned backwards, has a kind of detoxifying effect on your internal organs.



5.It Makes You Become Acquainted With Your Body

The poses and breath exercises during yoga help you in some points. These allow you to observe your body. Your awareness regarding how each of your muscles function also increases. You can notice these effects and better understand how the body and mind function even after a few yoga sessions. Through proper breathing, you can perform the moves easier and actually understand the effects of proper breathing on your body.

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