5 Reasons to Keep Sunscreen Always at Hand

If you care about your skin, it is recommended that you keep sunscreen always at hand and add it in your daily care routine. Because the harmful sun rays can cause more damage to our skin as the effect of the sun on the world increases and the ozone layer depletes. This is why we should use sunscreen every season. In the following article, we have complied 5 reasons to keep sunscreen always at hand.

1. It Protects Your Skin from Harmful Rays

One of the major benefits of sunscreens is to protect the skin from the harmful sun rays. You can reduce the risk of skin cancer by using sunscreen not just in the summer, but every season. You should use sunscreen for both your beauty and health. This is because that 95% of the UVA rays reaching the Earth cause ultraviolet radiation, and UVB rays damage the skin's structure and result in DNA mutation.


2. It Gives the Skin Elasticity

One of the benefits of sunscreens is that they give the skin elasticity. Sunscreens protect and strengthen your skin through the proteins such as collagen, keratin and elastin that give the skin elasticity. Another important benefit of sunscreen is that you can prevent fine lines and wrinkles through regular use. Because the researches show that people who regularly use sunscreen appear younger than those who do not.


3. It Prevents Formation of Spots on the Skin

The melanin level of the skin of the people using sunscreen regularly increases. This increase may help prevention of the formation of skin spots caused by the sun rays. On the other hand, use of sunscreen prevents possible uneven skin tone. As for prevention of spot formation, this is also due to the fact that regular use of sunscreen increases the balance of melanin.



4. It Prevents Sunburns

Sunburns can occur especially in the summer when the sun rays directly penetrate the skin. However, you can use sunscreen to prevent sunburn. You can also avoid the problems such as burns and peeling by regular use of sunscreen. Sunscreen also protects your skin from air pollution and minimizes the effects of air pollution on your skin due to its ingredients.



5. It Provides Moisture to Your Skin

Due to their structure, the sunscreens act as a barrier on your skin and ensure that the moisture to be trapped in your skin. This feature of sunscreen gives your skin a much healthier appearance. Sunscreen gives your skin a brighter look. The pale look caused by the sun is reduced in people who use sunscreen regularly. In other words, regular use of sunscreen restores the brightness of your skin.

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