5 Different Winter Teas That Boost the Immunity

You can warm up and boost your immunity by drinking healthy winter teas in cold weather. Drinking winter teas also allows your body to adapt to seasonal changes, and you can protect yourself from diseases as it will boost your immune system. If you wonder about the winter teas that have numerous benefits for your health, we have compiled 5 different delicious winter teas, which can keep you fit throughout the winter, in our article.


Rosehip, one of the teas that has to be consumed especially in winter since it is rich in vitamin C, can increase the number of blood cells. In this way, the rosehip accelerates the blood circulation and allows you to keep your body fit. Being also rich in vitamins and minerals, the rosehip tea will increase your body resistance in cold weather. The rosehip tea acts also on lowering of the cholesterol.



Ginger is a plant that increases the body temperature, and thus, consuming ginger tea helps control body temperature on cold winter days. Consuming ginger tea, which is made from ginger that is an antioxidant source and lemon that is rich in vitamin C, helps to eliminate harmful toxins from your body. Regular consumption of this tea allows you to increase fat-burning capacity of your body.


Linden Tea

Linden tea is one of the most preferred teas in winter. This tea, which is made from linden that is a very beneficial plant for our health, is very effective in boosting the immunity. In this way, it plays an important role in fighting against the cold and influenza. Having also anti-inflammatory properties, the linden tea supports skin health and nourishes hair. Another important effect of the linden tea is that it is a powerful sedative. You can also drink linden tea to calm down.



Known to boost the immunity, echinacea tea contains vitamins A, C, E, B2 and selenium. The echinacea tea, which is made by brewing the leaves of echinacea in hot water, helps avoid the cold especially in winter. Keeping you fit and being used as herbal treatment for throat inflammation due to its natural antibiotic effect, the echinacea tea also supports elimination of toxins from the body.



Being one of the mostly-consumed teas in winter, the sage is quite effective against throat infections and inflammations. Known also for its effect on boosting the immunity, the sage helps elimination of harmful toxins from the body and treatment of urinary tract infections. In addition, the sage reduces the stress and calms you down. Acting also on improvement of brain functions, the sage eases the symptoms of bronchitis and asthma.

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