10 Enchanting Bays and Beaches In Kemer

People have always wanted to be close to water. Today, many of the most beautiful and precious cities in the world have either a river flowing gracefully across the city or a sea or ocean touching the slopes of the city. Water beautifies the city, establishes a blue connection between cultures, and keeps the civilization alive and fresh. When a city has clean sands, fascinating bays and comfortable beaches along with the sea, it becomes a popular city and makes an indelible impression. Antalya is one of those cities which stand back to back with the sea. With a coastline of nearly 640 kilometers, it always attracts attention. This warm city, with blue flag beaches and fully-equipped facilities that make it preferable, offers generously to its guests and visitors the ambiance of Mediterranean climate. One of the most beautiful districts of Antalya is Kemer, which is located 43 kilometers west of Antalya.  Famous for its sea, bays and pine forests, the name Kemer refers to the wall built in old times by local residents to provide protection against floods. Kemer is a very popular destination. Kemer is the ideal destination, if you want to take a vacation at a rich-blue bay, which is as calm as a millpond.

We have compiled a list for 10 enchanting bays and beaches in Kemer district of Antalya, which is the favorite destination for local and foreign tourists.  Camyuva, Tekirova, Beldibi, Adrasan and many attractive bays can be an excellent choice for summer vacation.  


The hotels in Kemer will offer you the comfort you need while taking vacation in this location. In Antalya, a region leading the way in hotel and tourism management, you will enjoy the sea and vacation in comfort by the hotels of Antalya.


1-Phaselis Bay

Phaselis Bay, one of the fabulously beautiful bays of Antalya, is located in the town of Tekirova of Kemer district.  You can enjoy sunbathing on purely clean beaches in this bay, where you can also go camping and take nature walks, and swimming in the clear blue water. If you are interested in discovery, then you can also visit Ancient City of Phaselis, which is located in the region and has the same name, beside swimming in the cool waters of the bay.  If you wake up early in the morning, then you can enjoy to the full this bay, which is as calm as a millpond. Phaselis Bay, which livens up by arrival of tour boats in the midday, attracts its guests with its pure and untouched beauty at all times. You can choose the hotels in Kemer district of Antalya to enjoy both the natural beauties and the comfort.


2-Ayisigi Bay

Located in Kemer Marina, Ayisiği Bay and beach are also one of the most outstanding and beautiful bays of Kemer. The moonlight falls on the waters of this bay so beautifully at night that no other name would fit it. You can get to this bay, which took its name from the water that shines by the moonlight falling over it at night, by walking for about 10 minutes from the city center. 300-meter-long Ayisigi beach is like a blue crescent among pine and palm trees, and has Blue Flag certification for its quality. What makes the crescent-shaped Ayisigi beach popular for Kemer is its golden sands, pure sea and close location to the center of Kemer.  We recommend you to include this beach in list of must-see spots in Kemer. Swimming in the turquoise waters of Ayisigi beach, which, in particular, attracts the attention of foreign tourists, will offer a unique experience.


3-Maden (Atbuku Bay)

Located at a distance of nearly 32 km from Kemer, Maden Bay fascinates sea lovers by its pure beauty and calmness.   Located at a distance of 12 km from Tekirova, Maden Bay is the ideal destination for a peaceful and calm vacation for those who like vacation in touch with the nature. We would like to remind that you can get to Maden Bay only by 4x4 type vehicles.



One of the most popular destinations for a high-quality vacation is Adrasan Bay. Located at a distance of nearly 50 km from Kemer district, this bay is a hidden paradise by its 2-km-long beach and green nature.  With the strong smell of pine trees, the eye-catching blue color of the sea, and the wind blowing from the sea in the morning and from the land in the afternoon, you will not complain about muggy weather in Adrasan. You can swim in the vast, rich-blue colored sea in Adrasan or take a boat tour to enjoy swimming in the calm waters of Ceneviz, Sazak and Suluada bays, which are at a distance of 1-hour. Do not forget to visit Adrasan Lighthouse. 


5-Alacasu Bay

Alacasu Bay, a special bay where you will be surrounded by peace, is located in Tekirova. It is also known as Cennet (Paradise) Bay. You can get to this bay by 4x4 vehicles after passing through Tekirova. You can also get to this bay by yacht or boat. If you prefer getting to this bay by passing through the nature, you can follow the historical Lycian way. If you are looking for a peaceful location where you can enjoy both picnic and swimming, then Alacasu Bay can be a great choice.



Tekirova Beach is another beach that is famous for its name. Located at a distance of 17 km from Kemer district, this beach attracts attention not only by nearly 4 km-long beach, but also with its natural beauty.  You can enjoy a pleasant vacation experience in the unique ambiance of Mediterranean, surrounded by orange trees.  Sunrise, sunset and the touch of the pure sea at the blue flagged Tekirova Beach are always unforgettable.


7- Cirali

Located at a distance of nearly 28 km from Kemer, 3-km long Cirali beach was named after Yanartas of Olympos. The mythological story of ever-burning fire amazes those who hear it for the first time. This ever-burning fire, the source of which is the natural gas found in the region, makes Cirali unique. Famous for its rich nature, Cirali is also one of the nesting areas of caretta caretta turtles. This is why Cirali is a grade 1 natural site area. With the dark blue sea, beach covered with white pebbles and ever-burning fire, Cirali beach can offer a unique vacation experience.


8- Olympos

It is an ancient Lycian city surrounded by history and nature, where you can even get from Cirali by walking for about 10 minutes.  The green and blue embrace each other in such a way that you cannot distinguish the boundaries. Established in Hellenistic period, Olympos Beach hosts Acropolis and monumental tombs at the southern entrance. Beside enjoying the sea, you can experience unforgettable moments in Byzantine Basilica, the bridge and the Roman temple, which all play an important role on the cultural texture. Swimming in Olympos, which is located along both sides of Akcay stream, means enjoying vacation, while touching the history.


9- Boncuk Bay

Located at a distance of 4 km from Cirali, Boncuk Bay is another destination that you can include in the list of vacation destinations in Kemer. As for most of the bays in Kemer, it is not accessible by vehicle.  You can get to Boncuk Bay by following the Lycian Way. For vacationers who love both sea and nature, Boncuk Bay is a special spot hidden in Red Pine forests.  



Goynuk is a very famous beach with a 2.9 km-long beach. There are also beaches operated by beachfront hotels, and various entertainment opportunities for vacationers. Goynuk beach is one of the blue-flagged beaches, and offers opportunities for various water sports such as paragliding, beside swimming in the sea.


Rich in history, Antalya is a beautiful vacation destination, which rises along sharp-blue colored, salty Mediterranean Sea. And the most popular beaches and bays in Kemer, which is one of the most beautiful districts of Antalya, are also hidden paradises that take their beauties from Antalya... With fully-equipped hotels and modest hostels, accommodation options that are ideal for everyone and appeal any need, nature views, deep-rooted history in every inch, and fragrances, colors and sounds stimulating all senses, bays in Kemer are waiting for visitors, who want to experience a unique vacation …

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