10 Activities To Do At Home

As staying at home is the safest option at this time, we have compiled for you the activities to enjoy your time in the best way, which will be good for your mental and physical health, while enabling you to have joyful moments with the family members you share the same home with. You can spend this period as comfortably and efficiently as possible by our list of "10 Activities To Do At Home".

Picnic at Home

Most of us love to have a picnic. What about doing this outdoor activity, which is especially fun for children, at home? If your answer is yes, first choose a suitable area where you can lay a cloth on the floor for picnic at home. This should be a place which does not give problem in case you pour food or drink and where you can move easily. Then place any kind of food and drink you want on the cloth you lay. If you want, you can play music or even nature sounds by a music application of your choice, and feel like you are having a picnic in the forest. This picnic will make you have a good time as a family.

Karaoke Night

When we try to find indoor activities, we can also resort to music, which we need in most of our lives and we like to accompany us. Karaoke, non-verbal form of songs, is an example to what you can have good time with at home, while trying to sing the songs correctly. In addition, if you want to organize a karaoke night, you don't need a special karaoke set. You just need to write the name of the song you want and karaoke in the search engine.


Online Meeting

One of the biggest advantages of living in the Internet Era is that people no longer need to be in the same place to communicate. There are various applications which enable you to make video calls with your friends and relatives at home, chat and drink coffee and share the feeling of solidarity during this time. These applications, which enable video conversation with more than one person simultaneously, will make you enjoy meeting with your relatives and overcome the feeling of loneliness, while ensuring socialization.

Hide and Seek at Home for Families with Children

One of the best ways to entertain your children who are bored at home is to play with them. Although there are a lot of game alternatives for children today, hide and seek is a game which you can participate in as a parent and enjoy the opportunities offered by the house to hide. You can have fun and exciting moments playing hide and seek at home.




Don't we all say "I wish I have free time and lay down on the couch to watch a good movie" when we get overwhelmed by the rush at work or school. As you have plenty of time at home now, you can watch the movies which you have missed, wondered and wanted to watch for a long time or those you love and want to watch once again, or you can embark on new adventures by websites suggesting movies. We suggest the same also for the series. You can watch your favorite series or discover new series of different types at this time.



It's time to sink into books! Reading books calms your soul and widens your horizon. You can start reading books again, which you could not spare or find enough time to read in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and widen your mind. You can organize reading hours and turn this activity, which rests your head when you do it alone, into a pleasant moment that you share with your family at home.


Box Games

One of the best alternatives for having fun with family members is box games. You can choose an educational box game you want and get new information together or you can organize a head-to-head competition with the box games. Whatever you choose, you will lose the track of time with box games that appeal to all types of players.




Staying at home for a long time brings along with it the inactivity. So, you can make the most of your time by exercising regularly at home. How? You can watch the online videos filmed by sports trainers or lay a towel or mat on the carpet and do yoga and pilates or do various exercises only by your own body weight without any equipment.




You can turn the daily cleaning activity, which you need to pay attention to, into a deep cleaning activity. Cleaning the inside of the refrigerator, checking the stale food or re-organizing a wardrobe are some examples to this cleaning activity you can apply in your daily living spaces such as living room, bedroom and kitchen. Making you feel peaceful and purified, deep cleaning of your home will be good for you.


Completing Long-Awaited Tasks

Everyone needs to complete long-awaited tasks, which they could not find an opportunity to start due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, such as organizing clothes or deleting unnecessary photos to free up the memory their phones... Now you have plenty of time for these tasks. At this time, you can rearrange your wardrobe and separate unused clothes and pack them to share with those in need. Sharing will do good to your heart, while making you feel comforted to complete a long-delayed task.

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