The Best Campsites in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is home to ideal campsites for camping with its rich nature and unique landscapes. Mediterranean campsites in this region allow you to enjoy both the deep blue sea and the green forests. Each one offers campers unforgettable memories and an experience in touch with nature. The unique campsites of the Mediterranean await nature lovers.

Mediterranean Campsites

Mediterranean campsites are indispensable for nature lovers. Especially Fethiye campsites stand out with their clear waters and green nature. These campsites are hidden paradises in the heart of nature where you can pitch your tent and spend a peaceful night under the stars. Each location offers unique opportunities to discover the fascinating beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.


Olympos campsites have a unique place among Antalya campsites, known for its historical texture and natural beauties. Olympos, where ancient cities, lush forests and clear waters embrace, is ideal for adventure seekers. While camping in this area, you can follow the traces of ancient times and spend time in touch with nature. Olympos campsites are frequented by nature lovers and history enthusiasts.


Çıralı is a paradise among Antalya campsites, which stands out with its calm atmosphere and natural beauties. The campsites in this region are known for their proximity to the spawning beaches of caretta caretta hatchlings and the mysterious atmosphere of the historical Yanartaş. Surrounded by the crystal waters of Çıralı and olive trees, the campsites promise a peaceful vacation in touch with nature. Each corner of these special Antalya campsites, where nature and history come together, is waiting to be discovered.


Kaş stands out among the Mediterranean campsites with its underwater richness and unique natural beauty. In addition to camping in the perfect harmony of blue and green, it offers opportunities full of activities such as diving and rock climbing. Having a special place among the Mediterranean campsites, Kaş welcomes nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts every year. 


Taşucu, which is located in the Silifke district of Mersin, attracts attention with its natural beauties and calm atmosphere among the campsites in the Mediterranean region. This region stands out among the campsites in the Mediterranean region by offering an excellent environment for water sports activities. Taşucu's rich marine life offers campers unforgettable experiences. This special spot in the Mediterranean region campgrounds is an unmissable paradise for nature lovers.

Ölüdeniz (Turkish Dead Sea)

Ölüdeniz is one of the most popular seaside campsites with its magnificent turquoise waters and golden sands. While this unique region offers an exciting vacation with adrenaline-filled activities such as paragliding, it is also ideal for those looking for a calm atmosphere in seaside campsites. You can enjoy a unique camping experience while swimming in the calm waters of Ölüdeniz and enjoying the natural beauties of the region. 

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Salda Lake

The area around Salda Lake, known as the reflection of Mars on earth, offers unique campsites surrounded by one of the deepest lakes in Turkey. This natural wonder, which stands out among the Mediterranean campsites with its white beaches and turquoise waters, transports campers to another world. While camping at Salda Lake, you can experience unforgettable moments under the unique beauty of the sky and find peace in the calmness of nature. 

Kabak Bay

Kabak Bay, located within the borders of Faralya village of Fethiye, is a peaceful place where you can fully integrate with nature in the Mediterranean region campsites. This bay, which has a special place among the seaside campsites, attracts attention with its crystal waters and natural beauties. Kabak Bay, a quiet escape for campers, has one of the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean region campsites. This is an excellent option for an unforgettable seaside camping experience.

Elmalı Avlan Village

Elmalı Avlan Village offers ideal campsites for those who want to take a quiet break in nature. This special area stands out as a secluded and peaceful location in Antalya campsites. Here you can enjoy sleeping under the stars in the lap of untouched nature and waking up to the silence of the forest in the morning. This unique experience offered by Elmalı Avlan village among Antalya campsites offers the opportunity to create unforgettable memories for nature lovers.

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