Plan Your Ramadan Holiday with Advantages

How about celebrating Ramadan at Barut Hotels, offering a unique holiday experience? In your search for a holiday hotel, open the doors to a peaceful and comfortable holiday with your family with Barut Hotels Ramadan opportunities. During this special period, you can expect a luxurious atmosphere adorned with lush green gardens, spacious and comfortable rooms, and stunning works of art. Get ready to immerse yourself in the privileged world offered by Barut Hotels and make Ramadan unforgettable. Spend your Ramadan holiday with the privileges of Barut Hotels Ramadan Holiday.

When is Ramadan Holiday?

In 2024, Ramadan holiday will start on Wednesday, April 10th and end on Friday, April 12th. By taking leave on Monday, April 8th, you can have a 9-day holiday.

During this period, you can spend a quality holiday with your family at Barut Hotels, among the Ramadan hotels, by making your holiday reservations in advance. Barut Hotels offers its guests unforgettable moments with special services during these special days. Planning your holiday in advance is important to fully benefit from the special privileges.

Barut Hotels Ramazan Holiday Advantages

Barut Hotels offers its guests an unforgettable experience with special advantages during the Ramadan holiday. During the holiday reservation process, various promotions and discounts offered by Barut Hotels make your holiday plans both economical and enjoyable. Barut Hotels provides luxury accommodation options, rich gastronomy choices, and relaxing spa services with the advantages it has prepared for the Ramadan holiday. Reservations made during this period combine the quality time you will spend with your family with maximum comfort.

Traditional Feast (Bayram) Treats


Barut Hotels delights its guests' palates with traditional Bayram treats inspired by Turkey's rich culinary culture throughout the Ramadan. During this special holiday, our hotel offers handmade sweets, carefully prepared baklava, and various types of Turkish delight, allowing guests to fully experience the sweet traditions of Bayram. Throughout the Barut Hotels Ramadan, we ensure that families and friends come together to enjoy the unique flavors and the joy of being together.

Open Buffet Breakfast Special for Feast (Bayram) Period


Barut Hotels enriches your mornings with a special open buffet breakfast option during the Ramadan holiday, crowning them with rich and delicious beginnings. During the holiday period, our guests experience a breakfast experience where regional and international flavors are meticulously considered down to the finest details. With this rich breakfast buffet offered throughout the Barut Hotels Ramadan, we make the most important meal of the day unforgettable.

Reservation at A'la Carte Restaurants and Special Theme Buffets for the Feast (Bayram) Period

With your reservation for the Barut Hotels Ramadan holiday, you will have the opportunity to indulge in the exquisite flavors of world cuisines at our A'la Carte restaurants. Additionally, our specially prepared theme buffets will offer you special flavors reflecting the spirit of the Bayram. Throughout the Barut Hotels Ramadan holiday, you will be able to turn your holiday into an even more special memory with gastronomic experiences that stand out in the field of cuisine.

Special Shows for Children

If you're looking for a family-friendly experience for your holiday hotel choice, then the special shows for children at Barut Hotels are just for you. Fun and interactive shows organized during the holiday period ensure that our little guests enjoy their holiday even more. At Barut Hotels, a atmosphere is provided where children can both have fun and learn, and create unforgettable moments. With these special activities, your children can enjoy the Bayram holiday to the fullest while you can also take a relaxed breath.

Feast (Bayram) Fair

Barut Hotels adds a colourful and fun dimension to your holiday with the Bayram Bazaar organized during the Ramadan. This special bazaar, featuring traditional games, handcrafted products, and local delicacies, offers unforgettable moments to guests of all ages. During the Barut Hotels Ramadan, this fair where families can spend quality time together elevates the holiday spirit, adding a unique flavor to your vacation.

Live Music and DJ Performances

To make your holiday hotel experience unforgettable, Barut Hotels takes the entertainment of your Bayram evenings to the next level with live music and DJ performances. Starting from sunset, these special events ensure enjoyable moments throughout your vacation. Our guests experience the Bayram spirit by dancing to the most beloved melodies and rhythms in a unique atmosphere.

Special Advantages for SPA

If you want to give yourself and your loved ones a special gift during the holiday reservation process, Barut Hotels' SPA center is just for you. SPA packages specially prepared for the holiday period offer a unique opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation. You can pamper yourself with professional massages, skin care treatments, and soothing therapies, making your holiday even more enjoyable by taking advantage of these special benefits that will refresh your mind and body throughout the Bayram vacation.

Spend Your Feast (Bayram) Holiday at Barut Hotels

Barut Hotels has thought of every detail to make your Ramadan holiday perfect. Our holiday reservation opportunities aim to create unforgettable moments for you and your loved ones. With comfortable rooms, lush green gardens, rich gastronomic options, and relaxing SPA services, your Bayram holiday will become even more special at Barut Hotels. Spend your Bayram holiday at Barut Hotels and enjoy quality service and a unique holiday experience.

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