New Year's Eve Activities: Things to Do on New Year's Eve

The evening of New Year's Eve is special as the thrill of welcoming a new year, which starts weeks before, is still in the air. No matter if it is celebrated outside or at home, rush and excitement still get us on this special evening. 

Those who want to celebrate the New Year outside have already started looking for special New Year's Eve programs, concerts or different events. 

Bidding farewell to the last day of the year gone by and welcoming the first day of the new year at a fun New Year's Eve event will bring you new hopes. Let's take a look at our suggestions that may inspire you on "Things to do on New Year's Eve".

Our article continues with fun activity alternatives for New Year's Eve. 

Places to Go on New Year's Eve 

You can prefer celebrating the New Year's Eve with other locals in a highly enthusiastic atmosphere like the liveliest square in the city you live in or in a different city. Adorned with colorful lights and giant billboards, the city squares become even more inviting with fireworks, live music and the enthusiastic crowd. It may be a perfect alternative to welcome the new year.

We can also list winter vacation destinations among the alternatives. The most popular things to do on New Year's Eve include welcoming the new year in ski resorts and accommodation facilities located in touch with snow-covered nature.  

Since large hotels always host creative New Year's Eve events, they are always among the most popular places for New Year celebrations. Offering top-quality food and entertainment with their New Year celebration concepts, five-star hotels can be considered as a usual alternative for New Year's Eve activities.

New Year's Eve Activities  

The places for New Year celebrations may not always be the places outer than houses. A home party that you will host with your loved ones can also be incredibly fun. A wonderful New Year's Eve is possible with a sparkling Christmas tree, a table full of Christmas foods and fun conversations. If you are the host, you can create a special Christmas menu appealing to your taste to double up the pleasure on this special night.

A movie night may also be one of the things to do on New Year's Eve. You can choose a Christmas movie and enjoy it with delicious snacks. It is possible to enjoy warm, enthusiastic and fun time with the activities you love doing with your loved ones. A fun atmosphere is possible with classic and nostalgic Christmas games, accompanied by laugh-filled talks.

For the last night of the year, you can prefer a hotel event with your family and loved ones and stay overnight at the same hotel. You can spend an unforgettable evening at a hotel event on New Year's Eve, in an atmosphere full of surprises and filled with fun, and enjoy the music and energy.

If you are planning to welcome the new year in Antalya, then Lara Acanthus Hemera, one of the most popular members of the Barut Hotels family, which prioritizes customer satisfaction while offering services, may be a great alternative. Promising an unforgettable New Year's Eve through special New Year's Eve activities and entertainment, Lara Acanthus Hemera offers advantageous entertainment and accommodation options. 

Parties are one of the best New Year's Eve activities and stand out with live music and dancing. At the parties with highly energetic atmosphere, you can have fun to the fullest and welcome the new year with great vibes.

New Year's Eve programs also stand out as special events featuring local and world delicacies. For an unforgettable New Year's Eve evening, you can also try different delicacies from world cuisine, which you have never tasted before.

Concerts held exclusively for New Year's Eve can also be a fun and dynamic entertainment alternative particularly for music lovers. On this special night, you can go to a jazz, classical, pop or rock music concert, or any other concert of your choice, and enjoy the unforgettable tunes.

Speaking of an atmosphere filled with fun and music, you can also take a look at our article World's Best Winter Festivals to explore new places. 


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