Must-Haves in Your Vacation Baggage

One of the biggest problems on vacation is forgetting some of the things we need to take with us. In order to avoid this surprise and open that vacation baggage with peace of mind, it is necessary to make a list for vacation baggage and make sure that we have taken everything before we set off. So, let's remember once again the essentials that we should take with us on vacation.

*If you are not preferring self-drive, the tickets for transportation



*Credit cards



*Notepad and pen

*Cologne, hand disinfectant

*Wet wipes and napkins

*Small mirror

*Small pillow

*Flight ticket

*Cash money


*Telephone charger






*Hair dryer

*Hair straightener and curling iron

*Comb and brush


*Nail polish, acetone, nail trimmer, nail file, menstrual pad, razor blade


*Deodorant, roll-on, perfume

*Toothbrush and toothpaste

*Soap, shampoo, shower gel

*Needle, yarn, scissors

*Underclothes, socks

*Prescription glasses and sunglasses

*All necessary clothes

*A thin cardigan even if it is summer time.


*Sandals, shoes

*Accessories completing the outfit


*Painkillers and antipyretics


*Cream for sunburn

*Muscle relaxant

*Cream for insect bites


*Sleeping pills

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