Life of Adile Nasit, One of the Doyenne Actresses of Turkish Cinema

Adile Nasit was born to an Armenian mother and a Greek father on June 17, 1930. Nasit's mother was Amelya Ozcan, a theater artist, and his father was Komik-i Sehir (Comedian of the City) Nasit. Following the footsteps of her father Nasit Ozcan who was a master in improvisational theater and created the character Ibis, Adile Nasit is among the doyenne actresses of Turkish Cinema. Adile Nasit, aka Adela Ozcan, a talented actress who has left her mark on Turkish Cinema with numerous movies and programs, had a personality bringing fun to every cast she was a part of with her smiling face and endless energy. 


Adile Nasit, one of the first names coming to mind when it comes to maternalistic characters in Turkish Cinema, started Hayriye Primary School in 1937. Seeing how sad her father was because of the death of our great leader Mustafa Kemal in November 1938 upset her so much that she also became ill. 10 years later, in 1947, she started to become acquainted with the theater, just like her father and mother. Proving herself in children's theater with the play "Her Seyden Biraz", Adile Nasit achieved great success at the age of 14. Having started to work with Muammer Karaca Theater later on, Nasit starred in her first movie Yara in the same year.


Having started to climb the career ladders with firm steps, Adile Nasit started to rise even higher through Vahi Oz, whom she met here.  Dealing with the theater group they founded together, Nasit started to feel that she belonged to this world and continued to shape her career in the field of theater and cinema. 




Having played in the comedy movie "Lukus Hayat", Nasit got married with Ziya Keskiner in 1950 and had a son. She continued to work at Muammer Karaca Theater until the 60s, while she founded  Nasit Theater with her older brother and husband. After this theater, which did not last very long, she continued to achieve great successes with Gazanfer Ozcan. 




The death of her only child one day before her birthday in 1966 hurt her deeply.  She devoted herself to work with the lifelong heartache of the death of her son, who was born with ventricular septal defect. Although it was difficult to experience her child's death as a mother, she believed that her child would want to see her happy if he was alive, and she acted in numerous films in 70s and 80s, taking a big leap in her career. 




Making millions laugh with the unique and important characters she played, Adile Nasit is remembered as the smiling face of countless movies.  Having played the leading role in numerous masterpieces, which tell that unity and integrity are essential for a family, and showing great performance in the maternalistic characters she played in the movies, Nasit appeared in dozens of different movies in her successful career. She appeared in different roles, which have left mark in memories, in many movies such as Hababam Sinifi, Aile Serefi, Sev Kardesim, Saban Oglu Saban, Tosun Pasa, Gulen Gozler and Neseli Gunler.


Adile Nasit, also known as "Masalci Teyze" (Aunt the Storyteller) and telling different stories to children, continued to maintain her success by reading stories to the children of that period in the program "Uykudan Once", in addition to the movies she acted... Having appeared in musicals, various movies and plays, Adile Nasit appeared on the screen with many different movies, while playing the leading role in the emotional scenes, which have been engraved in the minds, of the movie Milyarder. She upset millions with her early death on December 11, 1987.

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