Green Vegetable Detox Soup Recipe For Those Who Want to Keep Fit

Together with Bilal Gungor, the Chef of Barut Hotels, we have prepared a green vegetable detox soup recipe, which is easy to make at home, for those who want keep fit. You can also try this delicious and healthy soup recipe in your own kitchen and share it with your loved ones.

Ingredients for Green Vegetable Detox Soup

For 2 - Preparation Time: 20 Min

*1 bunch of spinach

*1/2 broccoli

*1/2 green pepper

*1/4 potato

*1/3 celery stalk

*1 mid-size carrot

*1 red cabbage

*1 garlic clove

*1 tsp of cumin

*1 tsp of sea salt

*1 tsp of black pepper

*1 red onion

Here is the recipe of green vegetable detox soup

Wash all the ingredients thoroughly. Cut the broccoli into the florets, and peel off the celery stalk, green pepper and carrot. Then, peel off and finely chop the potato and onion. Peel off and grate the garlic. Take all the vegetables in a saucepan, add hot water and leave for cooking. When the vegetables soften, use a blender. Finally, serve it after addition of spices and salt. A suggestion for serving the green vegetable detox soup; you can serve it by addition of parsley and fresh mint leaves and croutons. Enjoy!

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