Fethiye Travel Guide

Fethiye, one of the most beautiful districts of Mugla, is a vacation destination fascinating many local and foreign tourists with its famous Oludeniz, lush and green flora, paragliding, amazing bays and historical richness. Located at a point where the Mediterranean and the Aegean meet, Fethiye is the largest district of Mugla. We have compiled a mini guide that includes must-visit places and activities for those who want to enjoy their vacations in Fethiye. Here is Fethiye Travel Guide…



Oludeniz Beach

With a name integrated with Fethiye, Oludeniz is a beach with crystal-clear, calm and clean water that deserves its name. You can enjoy the crystal-clear blue sea and peace surrounded by green nature on this blue flag beach. Kumburnu beach, a safe area due to its shallow water especially for children and those who do not know how to swim well, is an ideal spot to enjoy the sea and the sun.



You can especially have pleasant time at Belcekiz beach. In this beach with entry fee, you can rent a sunbed and sunshade or use your own towels, and sunbathe and enjoy the sea. All kinds of water sports-related activities including paragliding, the favorite of adrenaline enthusiasts, are available in Oludeniz. Even watching those fluttering down from the sky and landing on the beach can be considered an activity in itself.





Becoming the symbol of Fethiye Oludeniz, paragliding is a fun summer activity both to do and watch. Taking off from Babadag, watching the deep blue sea lying below and fluttering down from the vast sky accompanied by experienced and expert trainers can be a lifetime-unforgettable activity. It will be a completely unique pleasure to watch the nature on the special safari vehicles used to get to Babadag.



Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is one of the most known, interesting and attractive parts of Fethiye. Containing almost every shade of blue and green, this valley is like a secret paradise between steep slopes. Taking its name from presence of various butterflies of different species, Butterfly Valley is a beautiful location with its wild and untouched beauty and the crystal-clear blue sea, which you will want to visit every year. You can get to Butterfly Valley, which is also one of the boat tour stops, also by following Faralya road.



Faralya, also known as Uzunyurt, is also one of the secret paradises on the earth. Located at an altitude of 440 meters above sea level, Faralya stands out with its natural and historical beauties. In Faralya, which has deep historical roots enriched with the ruins from Roman and Lycian civilizations, you can escape from the exhausting daily life and the modern age, and enjoy the experience of a fairy-tale adventure through a lost time. Located close to Kabak Bay, Butterfly Valley and Oludeniz, Faralya has become a popular spot for tourists. 


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